11 Ways I Powered Up My Contractor Career

I’m a Super IT Contractor. Having listened to many different ‘contractor colleagues’ saying “Do you realise JUST how much I earn doing the same job as you?!….”. I finally took the plunge and became a contractor.

Like life there can be challenges. I know the nature of contracting; I knew that when it got nearer to the end of a contract it would become increasingly important to secure my next position.

Not to Fear, I devised my contractor plan.

On The Look Out

  1. I registered with a lot of agencies.
  2. I kept updating my CV with the help of many of the free professional forums online.
  3. I began to see interviews as an opportunity. I also invested in interview coaching and contracts hunting.
  4. I made it clear that I was open to changing my rate and relocating as well as adaptable and willing to learn.

Staying On The Radar

  1. Carried out some additional training such as ‘Lean 6 Sigma black belt’ with the hope of making my proposition more valuable to potential employers.
  2. I kept my LinkedIn profile up to date, commented, liked and researched.
  3. Did some voluntary work. Always good to give a little back to the community.
  4. I spoke at a couple of conferences.
  5. Wrote some industry specific articles for blogs and journals.

Staying Super Energised

  1. I made an exercise plan to reduce stress and give greater work life balance.
  2. I allowed myself to relax by doing things I enjoy such as reading and playing computer games.

I now have a variety of contract opportunities a lot more regularly.

Moral of the story – Do it right and opportunities should come your way.