7 Secret Powers for Finding Contract Work… FAST

25th April 2018 / in Contractor Mortgages & Protection Blog / by Dave - Super IT Contractor

Looking for contract work is a different kind of process to looking for a permie role. Contractor vacancies often need to be filled super fast and can sometimes be done so with just a single interview. Contractors need to avoid unpaid gaps. They need to be organised and ready to target their next role.

To avoid these pay gaps and unexpected intermissions between contract job roles, read on for our list of 7 Secret Powers for Finding Contract Work… FAST.

1. Make a kick-ass CV

Get your CV right. Keep it short, focused and targeted to the right job. It should include skills, achievements and career history. Ensure, that what you have to offer is clearly stated. Make it easy for the recruiter to match your skills to the role you are applying for. If it means you have to create multiple versions of your CV… DO IT.

2. Promote your talents… EVERYWHERE

Upload your CV onto agency databases, and apply for specific roles. Get your CV on contractor job boards, CV libraries and LinkedIn. Speak to any contacts you may have, face to face, by phone or by email.

3. Search for the jobs that match your super power!

There’s no point in just applying for any job you see. Know what your strengths are, know what you have labelled in your CV, and apply for the jobs that match. Keep a record of what applications have been sent and when you have sent them, then you can start chasing them up.

4. Secure the interview

There will be a high level of competition for each role you apply for. Make sure you chase the agency or follow up with your contact. Keep on top of it. These people are busy people, so the more they hear your name – the more your CV is going to be recognised and moved to the top of the pile.

5. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

Be prepared for you interview. You may not always know the name of the company you are being interviewed for. If you do, ensure you have researched the company – check out their website, check out their social media channels. Contractors who haven’t prepared for their interview are unlikely to secure the role.

6. The interview – Come to the client’s rescue

A contract work interview is different from a permie interview. This is your time to shine and work your sales pitch. To secure work as a contractor and a good pay rate, means you have to take charge throughout the interview. Understand the client’s issues and explore what the contract work entails. Don’t waste time during the interview, ensure the client knows that you understand what they are after and you have the skills to be able to tackle these issues.

7. Follow up on the interview

Don’t let them forget about you. Follow up with the agency or the client, you can then agree next steps and timings.


It’s always worthwhile to be on the lookout for potential roles, whether you’re currently working or not. The contractor job market changes fast, you should always be ready for a quick turnaround.

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