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Contractor Mortgages

Are you a contractor looking for a mortgage? Look no further! Here at Super Contractors we are a specialist contractor mortgage broker, with experienced advisers, ready to secure you the best deal possible!

Being self-employed tends to come with stricter lending criteria, but we don’t feel that this should be any more stressful just because you are a contractor. We find that this stricter lending criteria tends to stem from a misunderstanding of your payment structures by lenders. However with the help of our expert mortgage consultants, we can find a mortgage that is tailored to you.

Super Contractors understand that there are a range of independent professions including but not limited to contractors, freelancers, business owners & medical professionals. Our advisers are able to craft mortgages specifically for you. They are able to do this through their years of experience in the various specialist fields, as well as building up relationships with great lenders along the way.

Super Contractors embrace the differences that come with being a contractor & will be there to speak on your behalf & fight to secure you the most suitable mortgage available.

Check out the range of mortgages we offer for contractors below.


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Can I get a mortgage as a contractor?

As a contractor have you faced any difficulty in getting a mortgage through the traditional routes? You are not alone.

Contractors benefit from a high degree of flexibility and independence when it comes to their working life – and the numbers of contractors in the UK is increasing every year. However, despite the many benefits a lot of contractors are unsure where to turn when they want to buy a house and are in need of a mortgage.

Why do contractors find it difficult to get a mortgage?

There are several reasons as to why some contractors find it difficult to be successful in a mortgage application.

Many people directly approach their bank with a view to getting advice or applying for a mortgage directly. Limiting your options to your bank is generally not the best thing to do in any mortgage process, and that includes contractor mortgages.

A lot of lenders fail to recognise that the earning potential of contractors can often be higher than those in full-time positions. But, as contractor work is based on specific projects it is viewed by many banks as a less secure loan.

As a result of this, it’s possible that as a contractor your lender might require you to have as many as two or three years’ worth of financial statements to back up your application.

So can I get a mortgage as a contractor?

Yes! Despite lenders making life a little more difficult, specialist contractor mortgage brokers like ourselves at Super Contractors ensure that any contractor can get a mortgage.

Thankfully in recent years, banks have begun to adapt to the increasing numbers of contract and freelance workers in the UK – and many have specialist underwriter divisions that deal specifically with contractor mortgages.

Increased scrutiny will be given to the technical content of these mortgage applications. While the underwriter reviewing your application may not be an expert in IT or whatever field you are in, they will have a team that knows the difference between a developer, engineer and a manager and what the long-term outlook is for the work you are carrying out.

Ensuring that lenders understand the risk profile of the candidate is a key part of the process, and can be a delicate thing to manage. A good specialist contractor mortgage adviser will have gone through this process time and time again for many years.

What can I do to improve my chances of getting a mortgage as a contractor?

There are a number of things you can do as a contractor which will improve your chances of getting a mortgage:

  • Offer a larger deposit borrowing less money from the lender reduces the risk on their behalf
  • Maintain a good credit rating – as with any mortgage application it is important to ensure your credit rating is not affect by large credit card debt or missed payments.
  • Avoid lengthy contracting breaks – whilst flexibility is a major benefit of contracting, having a major period of inactivity is not likely to be looked upon favourably.
  • Show evidence of long-term contracts – ongoing and lengthy agreements with employers show stability and reliability for your application.

Engaging a specialist broker that knows the contractor environment will help to allay many of the typical concerns that contractors and freelancers have in relation to mortgages. They can help you avoid the need for providing irrelevant revenue and customs documents by approaching the application in the right way.

Answering the question ‘can I get a mortgage as a contractor?’ – the answer is a resounding yes – but you should take care and get advice from a specialist mortgage adviser who understands the way the market works.


Frequently Asked Questions – Contractor Mortgages

Can I get a mortgage as a contractor?

Getting a contractor mortgage doesn’t have to be as difficult as you think. With, the right specialist knowledge you could be on your way to getting a contractor mortgage. It is important that you get advice from a broker that is familiar with the contracting world so you can be sure the advice you receive is suitable.

How do contractor mortgages work?

We are aware of the unique challenges that contractors face. Through our years of experience, we have established great relationships with contractor-friendly lenders that understand the unique employment status. We secure mortgages based on a multiple of day rate, meaning that if you have been working as little as one day, we will be able to assist you.

How much of a mortgage can a contractor get?

Our Contractor Mortgage Calculator will give you a quick view of your borrowing power. Enter your day rate and click calculate now to see what you could borrow as a contractor.

Which banks offer contractor mortgages

Super Contractors have built relationships with contractor-friendly lenders who provide mortgages based on day rate and current contract, rather than the number of years you have been working as a contractor. We have access to a comprehensive range of mortgages from across the market that includes exclusive deals not available direct from lenders on the high street.



This firm charges a fee of up to £595 for mortgage advice. The amount of the fee will depend upon your circumstances and will be discussed and agreed with you at the earliest opportunity.

Our 5 steps to finding your contractor mortgage

  • 1. Engage
    Freephone 0800 211 8700 or fill in our online enquiry form to speak to us.
  • 2. Advice
    Speak with our expert advisers who will chat you through your options.
  • 3. Application
    We’ll sort through your documents and submit your application to the chosen lender.
  • 4. Protection
    We’ll ensure you have the correct financial protection in place for you & your family.
  • 5. Completion
    We’ll keep you up-to-date until your key is in the door. Liaising between your solicitor, estate agent and lender.

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