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Large Mortgages

Are you looking for a million pound mortgage? We work with people with complex income structures, many of which derive their income from a limited company or multiple sources.

To help your secure your large mortgage loan we;

  • Provide lender products most suited to your circumstances
  • Help present your income and outgoings
  • Help find the right rate for you

Securing a large mortgage loan can be a major mission even for those with super earning powers. With our help you could secure a million pound mortgage.

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On a regular basis we successfully liaise with lenders to secure large mortgage loans for contractors, business owners, self-employed and PAYE employees.

Speak to our expert mortgage advisers about how you could get a large mortgage loan. Freephone 0800 211 8700 now or email us to book an appointment at a time that suits you.


This firm charges a fee of up to £595 for mortgage advice. The amount of the fee will depend upon your circumstances and will be discussed and agreed with you at the earliest opportunity.

How to get a million pound mortgage?

The notion of a million-pound mortgage will sound different to everyone. For some it’s likely to sound like a target, something to aim for, but for others it will feel intimidating. With the right mortgage broker, you can navigate to the correct outcome.

So you’re now looking for a million pound mortgage or higher for that perfect property. These key three points remains the same:

  • You still need to pass the credit score.
  • You still need to show you can afford it.
  • You still need to have a deposit.

The one thing that can prove to be a limiter with a larger mortgage is the level of deposit needed. It stands to reason that if a lender is to release such a large sum of money, they want a little more security than they would for a smaller mortgage. There is no strict consensus between lenders, but there is a general trend as to the minimum deposit needed to secure a certain loan size.

What deposit do you need for a large mortgage loan?

Rather than look at every lender individually, let’s instead look at the loan you can achieve relative to the deposit that you have:

  • With a 5% deposit, the maximum lending tends to be about £500,000 – £550,000 so it’s not worth thinking about it for the £1 million-plus mortgage.
  • With a 10-15% deposit, there are a handful of mainstream lenders that will go up to the £1 million mark, and one in particular could go as high as £3 million.
  • 20-25% deposit, there are plenty of options beyond £1 million lender here. With more options available there are even better rates.

To summarise then, the million-pound mortgage is attainable with a deposit of just 10% as a minimum, but the rate at that level is going to be high. In an ideal world you would look for at least 15% deposit, with there only being a great spread of lenders beyond £1 million with a 25% deposit.

This is a key factor in obtaining the mortgage, more important than it is with a smaller mortgage, so it’s worth factoring into your thoughts when it comes to looking at the house of your dreams.

Lenders decide how much they are willing to offer someone, by analysing your earnings to ensure you will be able to pay back what you have borrowed. This becomes even more of an issue when you are self-employed, as accounts don’t tend to reflect your full income, which will obviously affect how much a lender is willing to offer you.

Here at Super Contractors we only deal with the most trusted lenders, to ensure you are dealing with professionals who understand how contractors work. Our expert consultants are able to secure fantastic rates that you wouldn’t be able to secure by getting in touch with a lender directly.

Since the Financial crisis of 2008 there have been specific lending guidelines put in place that don’t tend to favour contractors. However, Super Contractors aim to make the mortgage process quick and simple for all our clients.

When approaching the majority of high street lenders, contractors are going to find little success, as these lenders tend to be out of touch with how contractors work. They will have a list of rigid questions, that don’t take into account how contractors, freelancers or the self-employed manage their earnings. Not only can these be a waste of your time, but continued rejections, could lead to a negative credit history.

We are proud to have received excellent recognition for our expert contractor mortgage advice and service.

  • Feefo Platinum Trusted Award
  • Best Contractor Mortgage Company
  • Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award
  • Best Broker
  • Glasgow Business Awards 2017

Many reasons to join us.

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    Super-fast responsive service, we’ll call you back at time convenient for you.

  • Choice.

    Access to a comprehensive panel that includes exclusive deals not available direct from lenders on the high street.

  • Expertise.

    We’ve helped thousands of clients throughout the UK obtain a mortgage.

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