Meet the Super Contractors

Not always saving lives, but always saving money

Our customers contract in sectors as diverse as I.T. and H.R. yet they share several traits. Self-starters, they relish the challenge of a new environment and have considerable earning power. Financially savvy, they don’t pay arrangement fees on their mortgage, insurance or protection policies.

For examples of our Super Contractors, see the “profiles” below.

Dave - Super IT Contractor

My family know I work with computers. That’s all I tell them. In the office though I am the ‘go-to person, a day to day hero. They all know me. They all look up to me. My Superhero status in there means I get the chance to sort problems fast, like a superhero in the films.

Find me on Twitter @Super_IT_Dave

I’ve been contracting in I.T. Roles for almost 15 years now and literally not had a break. My friends think I’m a hero as they see what I earn and how much I’m in demand. I understand some of the lenders also do mortgages based on Day One contracts specifically for I.T. Contractors. Brilliant!

Emma - Super HR Contractor

I’m a hero to the companies I work for. I get to wear a cape to work. It helps protect the companies I contract for. With all the market changes over the last 5-10 years there has been a lot of change in our sector and a lot of companies now need heroes like me to come in and sort things properly. There are always contracts for day to day HR work, for Project work, and for other opportunities while companies are looking at re-shaping their company structures. This brings a lot of work my way!

Gordon Hunter, MD

“Our mission is to deliver incredible finance to contractors. Our mortgage experts are known for their experience, responsiveness and ability to find solutions for contractors mortgage and protection needs.

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Mike - Super Engineering Contractor

I’m a real hands on hero. I get things designed and fixed. Everyone turns to me. I have all the traits people look for in a superhero, from hard work and determination, to an eye for detail, and an ability to sort any issue. Our sector has had a challenging time recently but superheroes like me are the ones the companies turn to. I also earn a lot of money and feel assured there are fellow heroes out there who can help me sort my mortgage. With all those villains out there trying to break things there will always be work for me!

Rob - Super Finance Contractor

Contracting in Finance & Banking rewards High Flyers like me ! I see myself as the best – a self-employed legend in the office. I have to be at the top of my game every day. I feel safe now. I know I can get a mortgage these days.

My colleagues think I’m some kind of superhero as they love the freedom contracting gives me and the earnings. I have supersonic hearing powers which I put to good use and always have my ear close to the ground which is good for consistently renewing my contract. There are always lots of projects for New Regulations, LEAN Projects, Remediation work, upsizing, downsizing, you name it, there’s always a contract out there.

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