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11th April 2017 / in Contractor Mortgages & Protection Blog / by Scott Kennedy

Our CEO Scott Kennedy describes his everyday life with a 911 

It’s been 6 months now since I made the switch from AMG’s. I must say that I have not regretted it once. Yes, its smaller. I justified this to myself that while the kids were young I could get away with a 911. My oldest who is 12 is pushing on for 5 ft 7 inches. Oops, who knew they grew so fast! Anyway, if he sits at an angle then he doesn’t complain. He, like me is a bit of a petrol head so he realises the sacrifices one must make.

I also sensibly or, so I keep telling my wife, decided to switch to a Porsche as I was sick and tired of losing bucket loads of cash on depreciation. Mercedes and BMW seem to be excellent for this. I know you don’t really ‘buy a car’ as such anymore but having the option to come out a deal early without being hit with a huge penalty is appealing. Can the Porsche live up to this expectation? Only time will tell. I have been told that my local Porsche dealer will welcome me with open arms after just 18 months and will get me into a new car for very little further investment. Something Mercedes have never been able to deliver.

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So enough about my reasons for the switch, What about the car. After much deliberation over extras, colour etc. I opted for a Carrera 2 in GT Silver. My dealer recommended a few important must haves which, would help with the future value however, I didn’t go crazy. My must have list consisted of a couple of essentials. The sports exhaust, PDK and sports chrono package.  The sports exhaust is awesome and to get the full effect the car must be driven in Sports mode. Pops and cracks ensure that every drive leaves you with a smile on your face. Initially, in the lead up to delivery, I read several reviews claiming the sound on the new Turbo engines wasn’t great. Even with the additional sports exhaust. I must say that nothing can be further from the truth! The noise is exceptional. The PDK box is amazing and the changes are so quick that the only way to tell you have changed gear is by watching the needle flick up and down on the rev counter. Otherwise it is seamless. It’s one of the things Porsche do well.

As an everyday car, the 911 really is a joy. Normally, I make the 16 mile round trip daily to my office with a slight detour to drop the kids at school. It can get a little cramped occasionally depending on what day of the week it is and whether my sons full sized Cello joins us. The boot is ample for school bags and sports bags. The only thing missing is a couple of hooks for hanging your grocery shopping which would prevent damage as you take the scenic route home from the shops.

So far, I have only had a couple of issues which, have been fixed under warranty and nothing too serious. The service department at my local dealer have been excellent. Fuel consumption has been reasonable for a sports car and certainly more fuel efficient than my 5.5 litre Mercedes. Around town I average around 20 mpg and if on the odd occasion, I drive like my father used to, then I can achieve almost 40 mpg on the motorway. Not bad for a car that can surpass 180mph. 0 – 60 time with everything engaged comes in at 4 seconds flat although some reports have shown Porsche to be particularly cautious around these numbers.  All I know is that it seems a lot faster than previous AMG’s but more importantly, it’s a car that wants to be driven.

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