Super Contractors gets involved with the Christmas Toy Appeal

This year, we at Super Contractors have taken part in the Salvation Army’s Christmas Toy Appeal. Over 25 gifts have been donated by our staff, with toys and gifts ranging for all ages.

Last year the Salvation Army were able to help over 400 children through their Christmas Toy Appeal. This means that 400 children who were in need were able to receive Christmas Gifts, where without the Salvation Army’s help they may have received nothing.

Over the last year things have remained just as tough. They have continued to help many families throughout the year, so they know that this Christmas there is still a real need to support the children and families who are struggling to make ends meet, and in many cases going without essentials to ensure that they have the basics of food, heat and light for their children.

Find out more about Salvation Army’s Christmas Toy Appeal on their website here.

See photos of Super Contractors’ donations here